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2569 McCabe Way
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Craig Youngblood Simon Lu
Steve Youngblood
Gino Ferrare
David Allen Baker

Products: Journey Coffee, InFocus


Notes: Inlife produces an electronic smoking device intended to simulate the sensation of smoking by utilizing vapor instead of tobacco smoke. The vapor is advertized as tasting and feeling similar to tobacco smoke though it has not been FDA approved or certified by the Surgeon General as a stop smoking aid, and contains nicotine. It is marketed as an alternative smoking device not for the cessation of smoking, but to be able to continue to smoke in establishments and areas where smoking is prohibited. The level of nicotine can be regulated from high, medium, low or zero.

Another product offered by Inlife is a coffee beverage that InLife claims will suppress free radicals. InLife coffee, called; “Journey' Coffee, includes acai and goji berries and combines caffeine with the antioxidant effects of the added berries. The company states that it provides one of the “freshest and best tasting coffee beans that the industry has to offer'. Inlife also offers a Wulong tea with flavorless acai and goji berries as well.

The third product offered by Inlife is a beverage called InFocus, which was developed as a smoking alternative for when people are unable to smoke. The beverage is listed as nicotine water and the company claims InFocus helps to curb nicotine cravings in smokers when they cannot smoke, or choose not to smoke.


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